Give Your Valves A Workout

Give Your Valves A Workout

Springtime is springing up around Elgin and everyone is ready to get back into the gym and get that beach body. When you’ve been sitting on the couch all winter, you can feel like your joints and muscles are stiff. The same thing happens to your water valves in your home. There are many water supply valves throughout your home that never get attention.

The reason you should exercise your valves is that their internal moving parts can corrode and accumulate mineral scale. When that happens, a valve can become inoperative, or could begin leaking. Just like your body parts, a little exercise keeps them moving properly.

The service valves in the hot and cold pipes under toilets, bath sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sinks, laundry sinks, clothes washer supply valves all need to be exercised. It’s simple: just turn them completely off, then back on.

If you have a garden hose, you should check that too. Hoses can run upwards of $50 and exercising their water supply valve can save lots of money in the future. Three valves you may not think about also need attention: the valve to a refrigerator icemaker, the cold water shut off valve at the pipe going into your water heater, and the flush valve at the bottom of your water heater. Your home can also have valves that are not listed here.

Tip from your expert local plumber, HD-Plumbing: give every valve and plumbing fixture some exercise at least twice per year.

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